MUPHYSEUS (original version)

MUPHYSEUS (revised version)

MUPHYSEUS (revised version white background)

This is the MUPHYSEUS. This logo represents the hybrid of a  Smooth Jazz Saxophonist (MUSICIAN) and a Board-certified Radiologist (PHYSICIAN). Split Personality? This is NOT the familiar medical symbol referred to as the CADUCEUS. This symbol was created and drawn by The Musician Physician himself. Instead of snakes wrapped around the pole, he chose to display saxophones. Well, to be honest, there are two snakes. One is male and the other is female. This signifies LOVE. The Musician Physician is one person, but he is one half musician and one half physician. Two entities combined into ONE. At the top of this symbol, The abbreviations for Musician and Physician (M and P) are combined . This represents solidarity. The face at the top initially looks like ONE face looking at you. If you look closer, you will see that there are actually TWO faces looking at each other. The face on the left is smiling and is wearing a saxophone earring. He is the happy musician enjoying life. The face on the right has a serious look on his face and is wearing a monocle. He is a physician dealing with life and death on a daily basis. The wings at the top represent FREEDOM. Freedom to live life to the fullest and realize our DREAMS.